FATHOMWERX Advisory Board 


Eric Hahn

The Energy Academic Group provides energy-focused graduate education, research, and outreach at the Naval Postgraduate School. As an interdisciplinary group of highly diverse faculty, the Energy Academic Group (EAG)maintains the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) as a Navy center of excellence for energy graduate education and research. Our efforts focus on solving the Navy, Marine Corps, and Department of Defense’s (DoD) most critical energy problems through graduate education and research. To that end, EAG employs a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach using the basic sciences, engineering, operations and analysis, and business methods.


Armen Kvryan

Materials and corrosion subject matter expert.

Additive manufacturing lead.


Flossie Hall

National Military Program Advisor, NBVC Military Spouse of the Year, Serial Entrrepreneur and Community Connector


Sunny Trinh

VP of Ecosystem, Strategic Partnerships, and Cool Stuff


Doug Parker

Aerospace Systems Engineer

Former US Army Sergeant, Ventura County Startup Innovator and Connector


Brick Conners

President, Pharos Leadership

Graduate of the US Naval Academy, Former Commanding Officer of Naval Base Ventura County, and world class Navy Fighter Pilot.