Marine Mammal tracking technologies

Many whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals share our Navy sea ranges. They actively move about and may swim into areas where we conduct testing and training events. The Navy is seeking new methods to detect these marine mammals. Current detection methods primarily rely on aerial surveys that can only detect marine mammals at or near the surface and are often hampered by clouds, sea state, and other limitations. Consequently, marine mammals can move into event areas undetected. This detection uncertainty can result in the delay, movement, or cancellation of an event. Low confidence in current detection methods may also lead to additional regulatory requirements.


The Navy and other organizations have long recognized the challenge and benefits of detecting and tracking marine mammals and are interested in possible alternative ideas and solutions. The optimal solution would be able to: detect whales and dolphins underwater near the event location; determine the position relative to the event location; communicate the position to the range control in real time; and remain on station for an extended period of time.


The ability to continuously scan and provide real time updates would increase confidence that no whales or dolphins are present during an event. Fortunately, initial discussions with subject matter experts indicate each requirement can be met separately with existing solutions. We are looking to leverage current efforts and/or existing solutions, through this innovative process, to formulate and propose candidate solutions to stakeholders.  


That’s our plan, come join us by filling out the information below!

The Naval X Ventura Tech Bridge presents the NAWCWD 2021 Marine Mammal tracking technologies event

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