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Image by Jeremy Bishop
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coastal trident

From September 22-23, NSWC PHD conducted an Open House and tech expo for ANTX-CT21 projects and related port and maritime security technologies, in partnership with Matter Labs, EDC-VC, and the Port of Hueneme. The ANTX-Coastal Trident 2021 was conducted to facilitate engagement between industry technologists and stakeholders in port operations, security, and emergency response.

Activities conducted during the event were designed to highlight the roles of ANTX, Coastal Trident, and FATHOMWERX as enablers of technical collaboration and innovation throughout the Ventura County and Southern California regions. They were also designed to assist in the alignment of technology development efforts with the priorities of military and government operational stakeholders, by creating opportunities for engagement and discussion.

2021 ANTX Coastal Trident Tech Expo Photos

Past ANTX Coastal Trident Exercises

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