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FATHOMWERX SUMMIT 2022 - September 14-15

2022 Recap


FATHOMWERX Summit, with participation from ANTX Coastal Trident Open House and Agility Summit has the goal of exploring the intersections between industry and the Department of the Navy.  This inclusive event will be filled with tested technologies, demonstrations, tours, networking, keynote speakers, panels, and Department of the Navy program reps and stakeholders.

Open to:
• Industry
• Academia
• Government employees
• Active Duty & Retired Military
• ANTX Coastal Trident participants
• Individuals

• Technologists
• Patent holders
• Innovators
• Government program leads
• Those interested in networking
• Those interested in impacting Navy technology

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Image by Jeremy Bishop
  • Leverages the Navy’s investment in innovation and experimentation

  • Showcases ANTX-related technology

  • Opportunities for observation, engagement, and collaboration


Coastal Trident

ANTX Coastal Trident’s Open House is the technology exposition and culmination of 3 months of technology exercises for ANTX and Coastal Trident. ANTX, Advanced Naval Technology Exercise, is intended to accelerate information exchange and reduce risk for implementation via testing of technology in the field; Coastal Trident is an operational research program to address threats to port and maritime security. 


This year, ANTX Coastal Trident will conclude at FATHOMWERX Summit, where participants can exhibit their technologies, meet each other, and interface with DON programs and people.

Agility Summit Logo.png
  • Showcases Department of the Navy programs that interface with industry

  • A collision event for innovative ecosystems

  • A platform to connect people, share ideas, and best practices

Agility Summit

In 2021, Agility Summit was a collision event based on programs across the DON and how they interface, relate, and can learn from each other. The Agility Summit painted the larger picture of DON needs and how they can become capabilities, and then highlighted the programs that are the motive force to accomplish it.


For 2022, Agility Summit is opening its aperture by teaming up with FATHOMWERX to find the intersection of the DON and industry to explore ways to get capabilities to the DON. The summit is a chance to meet the people who comprise these programs and learn how we can interface, relate, work together, and learn from one another.

2022 Event Program

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2022 Livestream Videos

2022 FATHOMWERX Summit Photos

Photos above courtesy of Naval Surface Warfare Center Port Hueneme Division (Dana Rene White & Eric Parsons)