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In 2021, several regional training and exercise priorities leverage the learning environments establish by Coastal Trident, in order to expand awareness of regional operational and technical capabilities, create opportunities for engagement between practitioners and subject matter experts.

Rust-A-Thon 2021

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NSWC PHD teamed up with  Fathomwerx, Matter Labs and the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division for the innovative competition to mitigate and control corrosion on United States navy ships and vessels.

ANTX 2021 Technology Open House

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The ANTX-Coastal Trident Technology Open House will be conducted to facilitate engagement between industry technologists and stakeholders in port operations, security, and emergency response.

Recent Events

Marine Mammal tracking technologies

Application Deadline - April 23rd 


The Naval X Ventura Tech Bridge presents the NAWCWD 2021 Marine Mammal tracking technologies event

Many whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals share our Navy sea ranges. They actively move about and may swim into areas where we conduct testing and training events. The Navy is seeking new methods to detect these marine mammals ...