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Attendee & Exhibitor Info

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Normally behind the fence line of Port Hueneme, FATHOMWERX Lab will be open for public access through the Clara Gate, specifically for the FATHOMWERX Summit on September 14-15.  The Clara Gate can be found by navigating towards:

298 W Clara St

Port Hueneme, CA 93041

  • Once through the open Clara Gate, follow signs to the event entrance.  Badge pick-up and on-site registration will be available at the Registration Station located inside FATHOMWERX Lab.


Ride Share

Drop off at:

333 Ponoma Street

Port Hueneme, CA 93041

  • There is a pedestrian gate on the left side of the Port of Hueneme building (facing the building) that will be open for the FATHOMWERX Summit.



There will be a limited amount of general parking available inside the Clara Gate next to the FATHOMWERX Lab.  Once full, use will be street parking outside the Clara Gate.


Accessible & Reserved Parking

Accessible and reserved parking is available at the FATHOMWERX Lab.  Designed parking areas will be marked.

Exhibitor Info


  • 9/13: 1300-1700*

  • 9/14: 0700-0900

-If more time is needed, email us at to coordinate.  Access to the FATHOMWERX Lab during designated setup times will the same as above "Access to FATHOMWERX" instructions.  If more time is needed, email us at to coordinate, and an escort will be arranged to access the FATHOMWERX Lab.

*updated from earlier emails


Hours of exhibiting:

  • 9/14: 1030-1600

  • 9/15: 0900-1600


  • 9/15 at 1700-2000

Shipping Trucks may be schedule to pickup:

  • 9/15 after 1700

  • 9/16 all day


Event address (do not use as shipping address):


319 Ponoma St. 

Port Hueneme, CA, 93041



If you are shipping packages that can be carried by hand

Ship to:

Nick Willis - FATHOMWERX

Attn: FATHOMWERX Summit [Your Company]

333 Ponoma St. 

Port Hueneme, CA, 93041


If your shipment will need to be offloaded off a truck (i.e. crate/pallet etc)

Ship to:

Nick Willis – FATHOMWERX

Attn: FATHOMWERX Summit [Your Company]

105 E Port Hueneme Rd.

Port Hueneme, CA 93041

Shipping company instruction: The driver will need a TWIC card to access the Port of Hueneme. If they do not have a TWIC card, they need to sign into the harbor master's office and be escorted to the facility. 

For escort call: Nick Willis 805-665-7327

Request a truck with a liftgate.

Contact Nick Willis prior to shipping to coordinate arrival dates/times and offloading logistics.


FATHOMWERX team members will be reaching out to discuss space requests that were in your registration, as needed.


If you have any questions, please reach out to

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