Pass It Forward

We work with Industrial Hemp to create Pyro Insulation Fire retardant blocks to sequester toxic carbon emissions, and protect homes and buildings form the spread of California wild fires.

Veracoat, LLC

Materials, equipment and expertise for the proper application of Water Based High Ratio Inorganic Zinc (WB HRZS) coatings used to combat corrosion.

Remora Robotics, Inc

The Remora is an autonomous drone-ship that cleans waste from waterways. It is designed with modularity in mind for a variety of waste cleaning payloads from oil, algae, invasive weeds, and trash. The Remora is a two part system, the docking hub and drone. The docking hub is for charging and waste disposal. The daily cycle of the drone is: 

1. Charges in docking hub
2. Leaves hub and traverses pre-planned path
3. IDs and collects trash
4. Returns to hub to dispose and recharge

Our target market is ports, marinas, and cities. The drone is currently more for civil use cases however we anticipate entering defense use cases down the road. A good comparison is from one of our competitors; https://www.maritimerobotics.com/

OptoTest Corporation

Design and Manufacture Fiber Optic Test Equipment and Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies and Components.

FutureTek Software Consulting LLC

I own a small software consulting company in Austin, TX called FutureTek that develops US military applications using government-owned GIS frameworks called RaptorX and RaptorTAK. We support a 3D MAVLink-based drone ground station plugin for RaptorX called DPACS, a RF link analysis plugin called Sandbar, a mission planning application to select signals of opportunity for GPS-denied navigation called Touchstone and others. We've done a lot of work with RTK GPS for precision drone navigation as well.


Picogrid offers a remote field intelligence platform to help industrial and government clients maintain a real-time operating picture.


NanoflowX is a specialty coating company. We customize coatings to protect electronics from dust, water, corrosion, gasses and chemicals. Anti-corrosion coatings for metal. Fabric and textile coatings to help solders stay dry and protect materials from stains oil and moisture.

oVio Technologies, Inc.

Revolutionary Biometric Capture and Enrollment system

Trackable Health

Trackable Health is a comprehensive health and wellness platform for individuals and enterprise applications that utilizes advanced robotics, IoT wearable devices, Artificial Intelligence and LoRa communication protocols to produce best outcomes for all involved.


Rescale is the leader in enterprise big compute in the cloud. Rescale’s ScaleX® multi-cloud platform, built on the most powerful high-performance computing infrastructure, seamlessly matches software applications with the best architecture in the cloud to run complex data processing and simulations. Rescale partners with the largest cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, providing services enterprise in automotive, aerospace, defense, and semiconductor industry.

IXI Technology

IXI is the NTDS solution for the US Navy and its allies. Naval Tactical Data Systems I/O is the communication protocol that allows the exchange of data between sensors and weapon systems. IXI's NTDS circuit card assemblies are found in all radar, sonar and ECM systems navy-wide.

MilDef, Inc

MilDef serves the defense market with world-leading rugged IT solutions. Laptops, servers, switches, routers, intelligent displays – we custom-make military IT products and systems, made to perform in the toughest conditions.

Marksmanship Technology Ltd

AimSteady is an automated shooting coach
that uses a mobile-connected, ring-based
platform. Our advanced sensors package is
miniaturized to be worn directly on the
learner’s finger, wirelessly providing
comprehensive data. It is designed to pick up on the subtle movement errors that even a great handgun instructor cannot see. The ring monitors the users' movements, analyzing movement errors, grip stability and recovery time, giving the user live audible feedback without them having to look away from their sights.

Konectcity Smart Technology

Advances in Sensor Technology and Touch Screen Technology are combined to create the ultimate man machine integration. The platform’s ability to intake any database structure or language from any devices generating data from multiple layers into a single Hub.
Konectcity can transform user experience and building environment dramatically with actionable intelligence and simple control at individual level enhanced by Ai, Machine Learning and Automation.
Information flows both ways as a ‘closed loop’, agnostic to any system solving incompatibility issues common in the the industry. Control Hub acts as a “single liner” using data from existing or new equipment to make information, systems and people operate in harmony.

Codelitt, Inc.

Custom software development with a focus on user experience, emerging technologies (AR/VR/XR, machine learning, artificial intelligence), rapid prototyping, feasibility testing, proof of concept development, MVP, scalable product development, and innovation consultation.

Airion Health LLC

We design, develop, and distribute high-impact technologies that benefit the Armed Forces. Current projects include ACER - our patented communication enabled respirator for fuel tank maintainers; P2D2 a cold plasma rapid decontamination bag in partnership with Princeton Plasma Physics Lab; Airvida a wearable aerosol disinfection device for the reduction of airborne pathogens; a unique MAV drone designed for swarming; AIRUS - a smart, self-sterilizing bladder relief underwear system for female pilots.


BNNano is currently the only company in the world with a commercially viable manufacturing process for Boron Nitride Nanotubes. Our costs are orders of magnitude lower than any competitor, our quality is higher, and our IP portfolio protects our Boron Nitride NanoBarb™. We believe small things change the world and are working to transform commodity materials and bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

At BNNano, we are leveraging innovations in cutting edge materials science to transform, revitalize, and revolutionize industrial commodities. We are an advanced manufacturing company that pioneered the patent pending NanoBarb™, a unique and enhanced Boron Nitride Nanotube. When added to common materials, the NanoBarb™ improves their natural properties, changing them into extraordinary materials.

But what do such transformational improvements look like? It means aluminum can become as strong as steel or titanium. It means copper can provide advanced thermal management solutions. It means polyester can behave like Kevlar™. It means heat sinks can be made of plastic. In short, it means new capabilities in water purification, fire prevention and hypersonic travel. It can also improve all anti-corrosion capabilities and work on radomes and other equipment.

Aigo.ai Inc.,

Aigo is World's First and Only Intelligent Cognitive Assistant - Remembers, Learns, Reasons, Understands Context and Manages Ongoing Conversation. 

Aigo is most advanced Natural Language Intelligence Platform that delivers Highly Intelligent and Hyper-Personalized Conversational Assistants @Scale for the Enterprise - any Time, any Where, any Device, any Domain.

First Person Xperience, L.L.C.

First Person Xperience produces customized education and training events for our clients using a combination of the experiential learning model and interactive storytelling techniques.

We provide dynamic custom solutions to solve your precise training challenges.


TrustDecisions, is an emerging business that is founded by Senior Business, Legal and Technology executives with decades of experience.

Our Management Consulting solutions, Intellectual Property and Managed Services portfolio are designed in concert with the Fortune 500, Federal Government and the Research and Development communities.


Presagis delivers simulation and graphics development software, and services to defense and aeronautic organizations worldwide. We provide end-users, system integrators, developers, and manufacturers with advanced tools and dedicated services to help them achieve rich, immersive virtual environments for training, as a test-bench, and designing the cockpits of tomorrow.
By supplying the top 100 defense and aeronautic companies in the world, Presagis has not only built a strong reputation, but also earned the trust of its partners and customers as experts in the industry. A global enterprise, Presagis offers state-of-the-art software, services , and simulators used in the creation of virtual environments and sensors, visualization and simulation of vehicles and weapons, and graphical user interface development.

NuVinix, Inc.

Unique UV disinfection systems and protocols that provide continuous, real-time airspace and surface disinfection to spaces and venues that are populated -- without irradiating persons, pets in those venues.

PhantaField Inc.

We are making Ironman glasses.


INVISIO’s sole business focus is on providing military, first responders and law enforcement with communications and hearing protection/enhancement to enable them to perform their jobs in the simplest, most easy to use fashion - focusing on their mission and not on their equipment.
Our state-of-the-art technology in software, firmware, in-ear bone conduction microphones and ergonomics has driven our capability to seamlessly integrate multiple communication sources, external situational awareness and hearing protection for the warfighter regardless of the environment. Furthermore, the pairing of our control box to “smart” cables allows us the versatility to connect to any system our customers use while also giving them the choice between in-ear and over-the-ear headsets. Finally, all this along with the product quality of our materials, engineering & product design, software engineering and customer support is what differentiates INVISIO from other companies.


Bunker is a team of design and development specialists that create solutions for military and first responders. We are well suited to create custom tailored products based on users needs, as well as creating our own product lines. Currently, we have product in the following categories: on body power, device protection, and personal protective equipment. Our portfolio of product and partners continues to grow as we identify areas in which our product expertise is needed.

Kratos Space & Missile Defense Systems

Kratos Space & Missile Defense Systems, Inc., a part of Kratos Defense & Security corporation, specializes in rapid launch and mission support for the US Military and Foreign Allies. This includes hypersonic vehicles and missile defense targets NSWC PHD. From mission requirement through launch, we support in engineering, manufacturing, testing, and launch services.

The Frame Gallery

The need for UAV's didn't end with the recent Pentagon ban on Chinese manufactured drones. Aerial Alchemy has redefined the commercial drone. We have engineered out the hobby grade and Chinese components and developed a modular platform based on open standards and our proven flight technology. Aerial Alchemy’s products, services and solutions are proudly made in America. We combine secure technology from platform design to data delivery. This positions Aerial Alchemy's products and services as a clear alternative to the cyber-security threat posed by offshore technology.


NAVFAC EXWC provides research, development, test, and evaluation and in-service engineering to deliver specialized facilities and expeditionary solutions to the warfighter.

STREAM Educators

STEM education consultants


Perellion creates high temperature continuous carbon fiber thermoplastic composites.

We also do machine design and automation.

Maritime Arresting Technologies

Developer of non-kinetic effectors for use against surface and subsurface vessels

James T White

Combs & Greyfield is a systems engineering group focused on prototypes encompassing the range from staffing through custom and applied technology to an end result or output, specifically a capability supporting a government mission. We navigate the business as well as the technical paths to a capability.

Steradian Technologies

Steradian Technologies is uses proprietary technology for developing two novel products 1) an human eyesight recreation device and 2) a diagnostic device that detects pathogens such as COVID-19 within 30 seconds.

Modern Anvil LLC

Modern Anvil provides custom 3D printer maker space kits. We also offer custom part design, consulting and design thinking sprints.

Gray Analytics

In a world filled with complex threats, Gray Analytics brings clarity to the critical mission of cybersecurity. From Supply Chain Risk Management to Enterprise Cybersecurity, we provide best-practice services across a broad spectrum of cyber scenarios for both government and commercial customers. We start by helping you define the threats, with proven follow-through for managing and defending the ecosystems. And for government contractors we offer NIST Compliance support that’s second to none.

C.R.IoT Solutions, LLCT

CRIoT offers an IoT solution with machine learning to let you know you have the bulk fluids, at the right place, right time in the right amount. We offer the best sensors for your needs, use cases and environments. We use secure and reliable hardware to transfer the data to cloud-based, or on prem, and use intuitive AI & predictive analytic tools to deliver actionable insights in real time. All stakeholders can see the same data from anywhere in the world. Make Better Decisions, Decrease Cost, Increase Profits, Save Time and Increase Safety.

California Lutheran University

We teach innovation and entrepreneurship and run a startup community hub, Hub101, https://hub101.la, located in Westlake Village.


The Photon-X 3D Shape AI technology product (PX 3D-AI) surpasses current 2D AI capabilities with passive high-resolution optical 3D surface data and analytics necessary to achieve human-like intelligence. PX 3D-AI utilizes Photon-X’s proprietary real-time, passive 3D EO and EO/IR sensors and analytics, proprietary synthetic AI algorithms (for AI Training), and proprietary first order AI algorithms. The Photon-X proprietary sensor technology that is the enabler of PX 3D-AI is called Spatial Phase Imaging (SPI).

Mothership Aeronautics

Aerial Persistence solutions

CP Technologies, LLC

CP Technologies designs, fabricates and integrates standard and custom high-performance computing platforms, data links, keyboards and LCD displays for military, industrial, and commercial markets.
Our innovative Modified-off-the-Shelf (MOTS) hardware solutions proven in rugged military land, maritime, and airborne environments

Jet Pack Aviation

JPA builds the world's smallest and fastest optionally manned VTOL aircraft. Use cases include medivac, patient transport, insertion/extraction and ultra high speed cargo movement.

Saalex Solutions

Saalex Solutions, a division of Saalex Corp., is an Engineering and Information Technology Services company with a focus on Test Range Operations and Management, Engineering and Logistics Services, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Services and Information Technology Services. Founded in 1999 by Travis Mack, Saalex Solutions is a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned and Operated business with prime and subcontract expertise serving the Navy, Army, Air Force, NASA, corporate clients, and local governments. We employ a workforce of over 600 at military and NASA installations nationwide and have offices in Camarillo CA, Ridgecrest CA, Corona CA, Rockledge FL, Keyport WA, and Kekaha HI.

Technology Exploration Group, Inc.

We are a rapid prototyping firm with a offices in Northern Virginia and Silicon Valley California. TEGBIZ, or Technology Exploration Group, was founded from sole source contracts from NAVFAC where our founders worked with NAVFAC-ECDET (East Coast Detachment) at the Washington NAVY Yard. We specialize in advanced spatial databases, architecture, and simulation technologies. We are proud of the work we produced for the US NAVY and now have grown into a full service rapid prototyping firm in the heart of Silicon Valley. The leadership of the company also is the proud leadership behind the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSISiliconValley.org) which covers from LA to Organ to Reno for all things autonomous. We also are leaders for ASTM standards for Remote ID, and FAA Unmanned Aircraft Safety Team (UAST) one of the 4 safety teams the FAA operates for the United States. We will be a great partner with FathomWerx as we build leading edge solutions, connect with all players for autonomous technologies, lead the companies that are building Silicon Valley's next disruptive technology, and most importantly understand mission first when it comes to building solutions for the armed forces of the United States. Our technology is still widely used in the NAVY and we look forward to building the next great solution at our NAVFAC HQ in Port of Hueneme!

Evolved Creativity

Mentorship, networking, strategy.

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