iCode Mobile Solutions

iCode is the developer of the FireCast® Platform encompassing mobile apps, companion edge services, and scalable cloud solutions for today's firefighting and wildland firefighting communities.


Aerial Robotic systems utilizing onboard precision flight control that make contact with surfaced during flight to take contact-based measurements such as wall or coatings thickness (DFT, UT, etc. part of NDT), clean, coat/paint and other work.

Coval Group

We make and sell a new technology coating for aluminum, steel, concrete, fiberglass, glass, etc.

Dapse Technologies

High tech shooting targets and robotic shooting targets. Our business is just at the idea stage right now, but we’ll both manufacture and license the target technologies we develop.

Assero Coating Technologies

Assero is an innovative industrial coatings developer and manufacturer of advanced, high performance, protective clearcoat solutions. Assero challenges the status quo with unique multifunctional platforms that complement and greatly enhance new and existing paint/coating systems, and provide extreme resistance to corrosion, scratching, chipping, abrasion, chemical attack, UV degradation, organic fouling and more.

Assero provides permanent surface protection for valuable assets that operate in harsh weather and environments. Assero clients benefit from significantly reduced application, operation and maintenance expenses, as well as extended useful service life and increased ROI from their assets.

Built around an ethos of eco-responsible, sustainable, green chemistry, Assero's R&D division engineers unique proprietary solutions, including customizable formulations, that have exceeded industry and regulatory standards and achieved award winning industry acclaim and recognition.

Assero is a progressive, collaborative company that delivers viable, alternative, long term, eco-innovative products with proven results for the benefit of clients, their application & maintenance personnel, end users & the general public, and the environment.

Sentinel Robotic Solutions

Sentinel Robotic Solutions (SRS), located in Wallops Island Virginia, was founded in 2012 and established as an unmanned systems consulting partnership. SRS has expanded to a team of ten professionals who work to fulfill the company’s mission managing UAS Airfields, Training Programs, and extensive work in unmanned systems development.

SRS has designed, built and tested a self-inflating/deflating target buoy that can accommodate an array of sensors to meet custom requirements. Its lightweight and compact form factor make it safe and easy to transport, store and hand-deploy from a variety of air and sea-based platforms. This target is designed to inflate upon water impact, then auto-deflate at a pre-determined duration time.

Sentinel Aerium, our U.S. made and manufactured small-UAS with a proven 80-minute flight endurance, is expected to launch Summer 2021. Built with the operator in mind, the Sentinel Aerium’s open-architecture design allows for integration with an array of payloads, radios, and software mission packages. Its durable, folding design allows for easy transport, deployment, and operations in the field.

In addition to specialized unmanned systems product development, SRS specializes in all aspects of operational support consulting including mission planning, air vehicle piloting, data collection, test management services, and project management. The Company has extensive experience working with military operations, military leadership, and America’s largest unmanned systems manufacturing companies. SRS is proud to serve and support you.

Airrow inc.

We build an Autonomous Drone Station. A station that enables autonomous drone missions and automates all necessary elements of the operation.


Xylome is a unique biotech company with an expertise in the genetic engineering of non-conventional microbes, including marine yeast and fungi. While we can support applied microbiology of any aqueous system, we are interested in the forward-looking aspects of mammalian deterrents and tracking as related to future state marine manufacturing of microbial products.

Numurus LLC

Numurus transforms technologies into smart solutions with integrated AI and Cloud connectivity. Our current focus is smart sensing solutions for the industrial and defense robotic inspection markets.

JSL Technologies Inc.

JSL Technologies, Inc. is a Small Disadvantaged Business and Veteran-Owned Business providing professional engineering services.. We were established JSL in 2008 with a commitment to delivering practical, innovative and affordable solutions. We are headquartered in Oxnard, California and have more than 350 employees across nation-wide locations. Our commitment to quality is validated by our ISO 9001:2015 Certification and the outstanding customer Contractor Performance Ratings. We are NIST 800-171 compliant as verified by a third-party cyber security audit.

Core competencies include: HM&E and Combat Systems, Integration, Naval Architecture & Marine, Engineering, Modernization Analysis & Life Cycle Engineering, Engineering Reviews &Assessments Design, Installation & Interface Documentation, Engineering Change Actions, Operational Testing, Support(IV&V), Test and Ship Trials, Program Management & Execution, Directed Energy, Research & Development, Acquisition Planning &Milestone Support Specifications & Procurement Package Development, Configuration Management , Configuration Status Accounting, CCB and Change Documentation, Support Configuration Audits and Shipboard V&V Post Delivery Planning and Execution Production Progress & Quality Assessment BFM and Navy ERP Support Corporate and Operations Planning PAO, Multimedia, Tech Library Support Acquisition & Life Cycle Logistics Integrated Logistics Support Planning, Supply Support & Provisioning Outfitting Management and Shipboard Validation &Verification RCM Analysis & Maintenance Engineering System Installation Documentation Technical Manual & Drawing Development Asset Staging & Inventory Management PHS&T and Warehouse Operations.

Pass It Forward

We work with Industrial Hemp to create Pyro Insulation Fire retardant blocks to sequester toxic carbon emissions, and protect homes and buildings form the spread of California wild fires.

Veracoat, LLC

Materials, equipment and expertise for the proper application of Water Based High Ratio Inorganic Zinc (WB HRZS) coatings used to combat corrosion.


BNNano is currently the only company in the world with a commercially viable manufacturing process for Boron Nitride Nanotubes. Our costs are orders of magnitude lower than any competitor, our quality is higher, and our IP portfolio protects our Boron Nitride NanoBarb™. We believe small things change the world and are working to transform commodity materials and bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

At BNNano, we are leveraging innovations in cutting edge materials science to transform, revitalize, and revolutionize industrial commodities. We are an advanced manufacturing company that pioneered the patent pending NanoBarb™, a unique and enhanced Boron Nitride Nanotube. When added to common materials, the NanoBarb™ improves their natural properties, changing them into extraordinary materials.

But what do such transformational improvements look like? It means aluminum can become as strong as steel or titanium. It means copper can provide advanced thermal management solutions. It means polyester can behave like Kevlar™. It means heat sinks can be made of plastic. In short, it means new capabilities in water purification, fire prevention and hypersonic travel. It can also improve all anti-corrosion capabilities and work on radomes and other equipment.

Aigo.ai Inc.,

Aigo is World's First and Only Intelligent Cognitive Assistant - Remembers, Learns, Reasons, Understands Context and Manages Ongoing Conversation. 

Aigo is most advanced Natural Language Intelligence Platform that delivers Highly Intelligent and Hyper-Personalized Conversational Assistants @Scale for the Enterprise - any Time, any Where, any Device, any Domain.

First Person Xperience, L.L.C.

First Person Xperience produces customized education and training events for our clients using a combination of the experiential learning model and interactive storytelling techniques.

We provide dynamic custom solutions to solve your precise training challenges.

668 Flinn Avenue #23, Moorpark CA 90321

Developing thin-film nanotechnology for electro-optic devices (solar, LED, detectors) that can be roll to roll processed in ambient atmosphere from aqueous solutions

14bis Supply Tracking

14bis Supply Tracking (14bis) tracks assets across different industries and systems so nothing gets lost or forged. Based in Burlington, MA (USA), 14bis software products track digital, physical and hybrid assets, providing interoperability (hardware and software agnostic) so that data flows securely, giving customers actionable knowledge insights. Digital assets can be different data formats and types (semi-structured, structured and unstructured data). 14bis asset tracking products provide data analytics with enhanced identity management and data security across heterogeneous environments. Customers receive full and secure asset chain-of-custody over disparate software systems as data flows securely eliminating data gaps. At present, 14bis products provide a 80% savings in time spent updating data between systems and inputting paper-based documentation data alone. Results: streamlined business processes and informed decision making with reliable, accurate data and analytics.


Transhield has developed the most advanced fabrics to protect machinery and equipment from costly and unpredictable environmental hazards. The custom-fit covers are easy to install and provide an aerodynamic fit, which keeps road debris, dust, and dirt out of equipment.

Protective Fabric Covering Solutions – made in the U.S.A.
Navy Covers
Made with Transhield’s high-tech, ArmorDillo fabric that inhibits corrosion by 85-95%, these covers represent the next generation in anti-corrosion protective covers. They are heavy-duty and made to withstand the harshest environments at sea. Transhield covers are custom designed for an array of weapons systems, crew-served weapons, deck, and navigation equipment on all classes of Navy ships.

Acionyx, Inc.

Acionyx is a Custom Systems and Software development company. We architect, design, develop and implement customized solutions for our customers be it a embedded system product, software systems or service. Our broad areas are applications software (low code/no code solutions), embedded systems, networking systems, imaging, systems software and related areas.


I do not have a company website.

I consult for companies looking to establish or increase their business with the US Navy, particularly in the undersea domain.


We help computer vision teams who don't have enough data by providing them with synthetic data tools and APIs.


We are developing an artificial reef that will trap sand and prevent shore erosion as well as a wave energy system to work in conjunction with the reef.


C-Power has developed an autonomous offshore power system (AOPS) capable of providing power, energy storage, and real-time data and comms for mobile and static assets offshore. The AOPS is capable of supporting moble UxV payloads on or below the surface, in addition to data-gathering and operating systems. The AOPS is easy to transport, handle, deploy and recover.


We are a pre-revenue CA startup with a patented technology that "virtually eliminates" the sonic boom generated during supersonic flight and does it at significantly increased fuel efficiency over other supersonic aircraft designs. See US Patent 10,618,638 B2 - Shock Wave Mitigation System for Supersonic Aircraft. We seek US funds to perform wind tunnel testing to confirm initial proof-of-concept indicated by advanced CFD models run at Caltech, USC, Princeton. We have an offer of a full development alliance from an offshore US ally but prefer to stay US based. If our technology works as expected, it will remake the airline industry because it will scale to commercial size aircraft and be able to fly overland within FAA/EASA sound limits.


Operator of a specialty chemicals company intended to replace petroleum-based products with plant-derived substitutes.

Codelitt, Inc.

Custom software development with a focus on user experience, emerging technologies (AR/VR/XR, machine learning, artificial intelligence), rapid prototyping, feasibility testing, proof of concept development, MVP, scalable product development, and innovation consultation.

Maritime Arresting Technologies

Developer of non-kinetic effectors for use against surface and subsurface vessels

James T White

Combs & Greyfield is a systems engineering group focused on prototypes encompassing the range from staffing through custom and applied technology to an end result or output, specifically a capability supporting a government mission. We navigate the business as well as the technical paths to a capability.

Steradian Technologies

Steradian Technologies is uses proprietary technology for developing two novel products 1) an human eyesight recreation device and 2) a diagnostic device that detects pathogens such as COVID-19 within 30 seconds.

Modern Anvil LLC

Modern Anvil provides custom 3D printer maker space kits. We also offer custom part design, consulting and design thinking sprints.


DroneShield specializes in radio frequency sensing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, sensor fusion, rapid prototyping and MIL-SPEC manufacturing. Our counter-drone and electronic warfare capabilities protect Military, Government, Law Enforcement, Critical Infrastructure, Commercial and VIP customers throughout the world. DroneShield's off-the-shelf products and custom solutions suit a variety of terrestrial, maritime and airborne platforms.

Coval Group

Industrial coatings for aluminum.

City of Camarillo

If your business or organization is considering a new location, please reach out to us at the City of Camarillo so we can help guide you through the process of selecting property in town. We can help you figure out the right zoning and locations that may be suitable for your work. In addition, if you need connections to local talent for hiring, we can help you promote opportunities and connect you with the right people at CSU Channel Islands.

LumiShield Technologies

LumiShield is a start-up developing a sustainable pretreatment alternative for corrosion resistance and paint adhesion to metals. The coating is low-cost and improves corrosion resistance on any painted metal surface.


Leading hardware and software for visualization/simulation/augmented reality, HPC, and AI/ML/DL.

Tensor Networks, Inc

At Tensor Networks we've developed Matrix-OS to overcome cloud limitations. Matrix-OS is the World's first Edge-AI Operating System. It's designed to easily deliver at scale Edge-Computing with AI capabilities for local processing and storage at the lowest latency. Matrix-OS converges data-networking and high-performance computing to enable real-time situational awareness and streaming analytics.

ORANGE - Aviation and Autonomous Services

ORANGE enables innovation in aviation, advanced vehicles, eVTOL, UAV, drone delivery, and autonomous vehicles with demonstrated expertise in: 1) Safety 2) Mission Assurance 3) Certification, Training, and Standardization and 4) Test and Evaluation.
Going from concept to a safe and certified business?
Need to navigate the process of certification?
Need help creating and implementing a Safety Management System?
Spending too much on testing without getting the required data?
Need to mature from experimentation to test and evaluation?
Reach out: www.orange-aero.com

Columbia Power Technologies

research and development of marine energy harvesting equipment

SeaSatellites, Inc.

We build persistent USVs that have lower logistics and improved control authority compared to any other available platform.

Our USVs can carry above and below surface communications relay equipment, tow arrays, perform continuous site monitoring, and are continuously integrating new payloads.

FloodLAMP Biotech

FloodLAMP develops, operates and supports open sourced assays for decentralized, multiscale molecular diagnostics.


Perellion creates high temperature continuous carbon fiber thermoplastic composites.

We also do machine design and automation.

Remora Robotics, Inc

The Remora is an autonomous drone-ship that cleans waste from waterways. It is designed with modularity in mind for a variety of waste cleaning payloads from oil, algae, invasive weeds, and trash. The Remora is a two part system, the docking hub and drone. The docking hub is for charging and waste disposal. The daily cycle of the drone is: 

1. Charges in docking hub
2. Leaves hub and traverses pre-planned path
3. IDs and collects trash
4. Returns to hub to dispose and recharge

Our target market is ports, marinas, and cities. The drone is currently more for civil use cases however we anticipate entering defense use cases down the road. A good comparison is from one of our competitors; https://www.maritimerobotics.com/

OptoTest Corporation

Design and Manufacture Fiber Optic Test Equipment and Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies and Components.

FutureTek Software Consulting LLC

I own a small software consulting company in Austin, TX called FutureTek that develops US military applications using government-owned GIS frameworks called RaptorX and RaptorTAK. We support a 3D MAVLink-based drone ground station plugin for RaptorX called DPACS, a RF link analysis plugin called Sandbar, a mission planning application to select signals of opportunity for GPS-denied navigation called Touchstone and others. We've done a lot of work with RTK GPS for precision drone navigation as well.