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NavalX Ventura Tech Bridge, 2023

FATHOMWERX Summit Recap, 2023

REPTX Distance Support, 2023 - NSWC PHD

State of the County, 2023 - County of Ventura

VATN Systems featured at 2023 FATHOMWERX Summit

Vatn Systems specializes in developing cost-effective autonomous underwater vehicles designed to operate harmoniously within cooperative swarms, thereby unlocking a multitude of pioneering applications

An Event Exploring the Intersection Between Tech and Defense Industries Held at the Port of Hueneme
FATHOMWERX Summit Highlights Innovation & Collaboration

“We support the men and women in uniform through our collaboration,” said Jaeger. “The partnerships with small businesses could not happen without economic support.”

Jetpack startup taking off at Port Hueneme incubator

"A new startup has landed at the Fathomwerx rapid prototyping lab, directly from the sci-fi future. Alan Jaeger, Office of Research and Technology Applications manager Naval Surface Warfare Center Port Hueneme Division, wears a jetpack designed by startup JetPack Aviation."

Engineers 3D Print Face Shields, Respirator Masks and Face Coverings to Fill Shortages

"Fathomwerx and EDL each have 3D printers, and their personnel worked together to produce more than 130 face shields."

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