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ANTX programs are intended to provide technologists an understanding of the operational challenges faced by the warfighter and, the warfighter with an understanding of developing and transitional technologies that might meet their needs.

Ways to Submit a Project Proposal:


*Please submit all project proposals by 17 January 2024 for consideration.

What is ANTX?

ANTX is a distributed resource maintained for technical demonstration and field experimentation by the Naval Research and Development Establishment (NR&DE), conducted to assist the naval and joint force warfighter in maintaining a competitive technical advantage.

ANTX programs and events allow for collaboration between industry, academia, and government research and development organizations and provide an environment for warfighters to assess the potential utility of technical innovations before decisions are required on investment priorities.

The result is:

  • Acceleration of information exchange between technology providers and operational users

  • Reduction of risk in preparation for larger fleet exercises

  • Material and technology transitions

  • Inform future research and development actvities

  • Refined understanding of employment and use

  • Knowledge of barriers to implementation of technology


The ultimate goal of the Naval Research and Development Establishment (NR&DE) is the timely delivery of relevant and suitable capabilities to the Fleet. ANTX is intended to support this goal by establishing a venue to accelerate knowledge associated with technological enablers and force multipliers of needed capabilities. Accordingly, the program culminates with an opportunity for the Navy to smartly progress, invest, or divest from the capabilities demonstrated.

Points of Contact


Brendan Applegate

ANTX CT Principal Investigator

NSWC Port Hueneme

Alan Jaeger

Tech Transfer Coordinator

NSWC Port Hueneme

Bryan Went

External Engagement Partner

Matter Labs

Mark Thompson

Tech Transfer Coordinator


Mike Morrison

Port Activities Coordinator

The Port of Hueneme

Ling Tang

Technology Program Manager

NUWC Keyport Det SD

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