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'a greater depth of innovation'

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Join us at FATHOMWERX Summit!
September 17-18, 2024
Port Hueneme, California

FATHOMWERX Summit, with participation from ANTX Coastal Trident Open House and Venture Ventura has the goal of encouraging collisions at the intersections between industry and the Department of the Navy.


About Us

FATHOMWERX is a technology-based collaborative that includes the EDC, Matterlabs, NAVSEA, NAVFAC and the Port of Hueneme. Serving as a public-private laboratory, community, and resource for technological innovation, the partners strive to fuse small and non-traditional companies, academic institutions, and other Department of Defense stakeholders together to work on the most challenging problems in military, port, and maritime domains.

Our dynamic platform is designed to create a high rate of return for all participants. Through the promotion of divergent thought, neutral facilitation, and the use of our growing ecosystem, our goal is to bring the right minds together to solve challenging problems.

Our Charter

To create and maintain a platform to accelerate the delivery of innovative capabilities to the Department of Defense in both port and maritime environments.

To facilitate capability refinement through community, exploration, experimentation, and assessment of promising technology.


FATHOMWERX aims to: deliver capabilities to end-users expeditiously; exploit proven techniques and methods; take risks and manage them; and keep domain experts involved throughout the process!

Ventura Tech Bridge
located at FATHOMWERX

Ventura Tech Bridge Logo

'A platform for greater collaboration with traditional and non-traditional partners'

The Ventura Tech Bridge is based at the FATHOMWERX laboratory at the Port of Hueneme. 


The FATHOMWERX Laboratory is a physical collaborative space where government employees, business owners/entrepreneurs, and academic stakeholders can innovate, experiment, and transfer/transition capabilities.

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Bringing Everyone Together



Putting It all to the Test 


The Lab 

60, 000 sq ft of awesomness


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